Vera Playa Club Hotel, Spain

Welcome to the only naturist hotel in Spain

This year Spain is becoming one of the 10 most popular destinations for a naturist vacation. Here, at Vera Playa Club Hotel, we offer a unique experience, as you don’t have to worry about any clothes whatsoever and can enjoy your holiday completely naked.

All guests have to be nude in the pool area at all times, but can dress up on the other parts of the property. Guests should not be nude in the restaurant or any other parts of the hotel after 10:00 PM.


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Location & Hours

  Av. Ciudad de Barcelona, 56 04621 Vera
  Official Website:

Amenities and More

  Takes Reservations
  Legal Status: Permitted
  Pool: Yes
  Spa/Hot Tub: Yes
  Noise Level: Moderate
  Recreational Rentals: Beach Volley and Umbrellas
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