Secret Beach (Kauapea), Hawaii USA

This beach is nicknamed Secret Beach but it’s Hawaiian name is Kauapea Beach. While many locals just call it Secrets, the nickname of this popular 3,000-foot long north shore beach reflects its size, privacy and scenery. Secret beach is a fantastic place that not many people know about; we think we’re one of the only people there when we’re actually not. The lush greenery, warm water and the incredible atmosphere makes it hard to believe what an undiscovered treasure it is! If you are looking for peace and tranquility, this beach has got it all. Walk down the beach and find a secluded, hidden spot that you like and then enjoy this beach to your heart’s content. Just be warned that as you walk down the beach, there will be less and less clothing options available for those who would prefer dipping into the ocean wearing very little clothing.

You can see Secrets from the nearby Kilauea Lighthouse (nearby Kilauea Bay and Kahili Beach). Secret Beach is subject to rough water, with strong currents all year round. It becomes safer to swim in during the summer months, but even then it’s not suitable for beginners. Keep in mind that a lot of caution needs to be taken when walking on lava rocks. You can only walk on them when it is the calmest time of the year and if the surf report indicates low waves. When the conditions are right you’ll find tidal pools that are perfect for wallowing in. They’re near Secret Lagoons, which is a rocky coastline with a waterfall too.

In the west side of the beach, you’ll find a tidal lagoon for children as well as a waterfall at the east end of the half. The pool by the beach is known to dry up during periods of high water volume. But always has a steady flow of fresh water. It’s great to use after you’ve gotten salty and sandy! The base of the waterfalls can be a nice place to enjoy a little refreshment. You might even find a small pool that’s good for taking a break and cooling off!

Secret Beach has a reputation of being one of Kauai’s nude & clothing optional beaches, although it’s rare to see more than a couple people without clothing. This has now become Kauai’s premier nude beach. But don’t expect the county authorities not to try to enforce the ban from time to time, putting up signs in an attempt to change things. Most of the people who sunbath topless & nude are on the east side of the beach. So if you want to go there, make sure you dress accordingly.

Whales and dolphins are seem off the shore at times during the summer. You can also see Moku’ae’ae, a small rocky outcropping that is a bird sanctuary and part of the Kilauea Refuge.


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  Kalihiwai, HI 96754

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