Mai Khao Beach, Phuket, Thailand

This gorgeous beach on Phuket Island is called Mai Khao Beach and is located at the north western tip of the island. You cannot reach this beach via boat. However, it is easily accessible by road. The beach is over five and a half miles long and one of the longest nude beach in Thailand. This is one of the few blessedly untouched and best beaches in Thailand where you can enjoy nature at its very best. There are a few restaurants on the shores where you can grab a bite should you get hungry. Mai Khao is a peaceful getaway that certainly qualifies to be the world’s best nude beach in Thailand. Timings: NA How To Reach: Mai Khao beach is located 7 kms away from Phuket airport and you can easily reach it by hiring a taxi. Things To Do: Swimming, Shopping Dining options near Mai Khao Beach: Mama Restaurant, La Sala, Sea.Fire.Salt, The Coffee Club, and Ginja Taste Accommodation near Mai Khao Beach: Micky Monkey Beach Hotel, Holiday Inn Resort, Maikhao Home Garden Bungalow, OYO 538 Bungalow at Maikhao


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  Legal Status: Permitted
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