Laguna Del Sol, California

Laguna del Sol is one of the premier clothing-optional resorts in the United States. Located on 250 acres near Sacramento, it’s close to the city and yet a world away. Everyone’s idea of the perfect, relaxing getaway is different. Laguna del Sol aims to provide a full range of active and leisure activities to be enjoyed with the luxury of not having to dress. Deluxe, modern facilities blend smoothly into the lush, green lawns that cover much of the grounds. Nudity feels incredibly natural in this beautiful environment.

Laguna del Sol is a special place for special people – those who know that what’s inside is more important than what’s outside; that being comfortable with your body and those of others has nothing to do with age, size or shape. Discover the freedom that comes with shedding not only your clothing, but also all the stresses of your busy life. Laguna del Sol welcomes singles, couples and families of all ages to visit for the day or to choose from a variety of overnight options.


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Location & Hours

  8683 Rawhide Lane Wilton, CA 95693
  Official Website:

Amenities and More

  Public Rest Area
  Public Outdoor Shower
  Street Parking
  Bike Parking
  Takes Reservations
  Open 24/7
  Entry Fee Required
  Legal Status: Permitted
  Pool: Yes
  Spa/Hot Tub: Yes
  Noise Level: Moderate
  Dogs Allowed
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