Kehena Beach, Hawaii USA

Kehena Beach is a volcanic beach on the southeastern coast of Hawaii, not too far from Kalapana. With its black pebbles and blue water, it may be small but you won’t find any prettier beaches in all of Hawaii.

Kehena Beach is named after the Hawaiian deity who is associated with many positive, cultural values. It hosts dolphins that visit the beach quite regularly. Thus, it may also be called Dolphin Beach or Nudist Beach because of its remote location & clothing-optional amenities. The remote location of the resort doesn’t deter guests from staying. There’s even a small carpark here and some picturesque villas or cottages near-by.

Update 2021: The police seems to be issues citations. On the beach violations included alcohol, drug, and open lewdness. On the highway adjacent to the beach dozens of motor vehicle tickets were given for expired safety inspections, lack of insurance, and other violations.


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Location & Hours

  Kapoho Rd, Pāhoa, HI 96778, USA

Amenities and More

  Legal Status: Tolerated
  Noise Level: Moderate
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