Glen Eden Sun Club, California

Glen Eden is Southern California’s premier family oriented nudist resort and RV park. Sound expensive? It’s not, and first-time visitors save 50%! Think you could never be in a clothes-free state with others around? Think again, because that’s what most people say before they visit Glen Eden Sun Club. Then they fall in love with it. Glen Eden Sun Club is a family oriented resort with clear guidelines on acceptable behavior, and all members are screened upon their first visit.
Conduct such as overt sexual behavior and gawking are not tolerated. Our goal is to maintain our solid reputation by continuing to provide a comfortable, relaxed environment for people of ALL ages to enjoy.
So, if you REALLY want to escape from the rigors of your everyday routine, Glen Eden Sun Club is the place to be.


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Location & Hours

  25999 Glen Eden Road Temescal Valley, CA 92883
  Official Website:

Amenities and More

  Public Rest Area
  Public Outdoor Shower
  Street Parking
  Bike Parking
  Takes Reservations
  Open 24/7
  Entry Fee Required
  Legal Status: Permitted
  Pool: Yes
  Spa/Hot Tub: Yes
  Sauna: Yes
  Noise Level: Moderate
  Dogs Allowed
  Recreational Rentals: Chairs
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