Coventry Club & Resort, Vermont USA

Coventry Club is a family oriented naturist club and campground.  We do not smother our members and guests with rules and regulations, however common sense behavior prevails in keeping with a family club atmosphere. Coventry offers various accommodations for that special vacation.  Our aim is to make your stay with us a memorable one and one that you will want to relive over and over again.

The Club offers seasonal lots to those looking for a special place for their second home, worlds apart from everyday life. It is our belief that no other resort offers the quality and beautifully landscaped RV and Tent sites that are available to you at Coventry. It is time to experience a unique and relaxing world, leave all stress and anxieties at the entrance.  Once you have experienced the nudist lifestyle, you will always vacation au naturel.

You owe it to yourself to call and make that reservation.


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Location & Hours

  468 Beebe Hill Rd - Milton, VT 05468
  Official Website:

Amenities and More

  Takes Reservations
  Legal Status: Permitted
  Pool: Yes
  Noise Level: Moderate
  Dogs Allowed
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